No rules, no limits

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  • Solid colors: 100%cotton; bio wash; preshrink
  • Made in India
  • Machine wash cold with like colors, dry low heat
  • Lightweight
  • Fit: Regular fit
  • Sleeve: Half sleeve
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No Rules, No limits

no rules no limit the saying that keeps you going

in  today’s fast-moving world you need to be aggressive and

tough and keep behind all what holds you back and keep you behind of others


rules are Statement that establishes a principle or standard

and serves as a norm for guiding or mandating action or conduct.

They may be divided into four general categories:

(1) Folklore: Unpublished rules that are conveyed by behavior and are implicitly understood.

(2) Guidelines: Commonly published and recommended practices that allow some discretion with their interpretation and use.

(3) Mandates: Published commands that may not be ignored in any circumstance and whose violation is punished.

(4) Policies: Published rules that imply a predicted behavior and whose violation may be permitted or tolerated under certain circumstance


these are the boundaries a set for the minimum and the maximum bar,

in other words, it is the range in which things can be done

the boundaries to work.

but in today’s world no rules no limits 

is the quote to be followed for the best outcomes as

the society we live in is a competitive society

the best way to fight is to be a bull and go aggressive

and it is the age of  being the change

so make the world your own space

and be the leader rather than being a slave

& for keeping you motivated and witness your hustle

we at yoga T-shirt work on this new T-shirt saying

NO rules No limits” which can keep  you motivated

and never let you give up  this T-shirt guides you not to worry

not to work on the boundaries be your own master and go beyond the limits

to be a better version of what you used to be in the past days.

live the life your own way

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