Ride Fast Die Young

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  • Solid colors: 100%cotton; bio-wash; preshrink
  • Made in India
  • Machine wash cold with like colors, dry low heat
  • Lightweight
  • Fit: Regular fit
  • Sleeve: Half sleeve
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ride safe

bike riding is a trend that is very prevalent in the current world

and most youngsters are the one who doesn’t care about the safety

and security while riding, they don’t realize they are not alone

there are a lot many people on the road who will require attention

When you are on a road, you are in an environment, where everything is hostile to you. Stone, pavement, bus stop, cars, other bikes, dogs, cats, birds, other people, everything. They will deduce some way or the other to take you down.

The main reason for this slogan is probably coz of the fact that when on a bike, you will have threats and dangers not only from you not following the rules, but also from other kinds of stuff and people not following the rules. You cannot do anything about the latter.

Since you are completely helpless in front of the latter, people or rather bikers pray you to be ‘safe’

My father always says this:- ‘90% of the accidents happen when you don’t follow rules. The remaining 10% is when other people don’t follow rules. But end up blaming you for not following it.’

So, screw the grammar here. Go and feel the risk involved when you start a bike.

When you ride, you own responsibility of coming back home alive and in one piece

being a rider it is your responsibility to be safe and to keep others on the road safe

we at yoga Tshirt help you with the noble cause

we created a T-shirt that is very helpful for all the responsible riders who want the roads to be a safer place

and want to look cool smart and outstanding  this t-shirt is made up of

100% cotton and are designed to fit you all-day  with printed graphics that make you look stylish

quoting ride fast die young 

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