Life is about balance.  You cannot always control what goes out the, but you can always control what goes on inside. Plant the seeds of meditation and receive the fruit of peace of mind. Problems of the human are illusions of the mind. In the yogic culture, we do not see lord shiva as a god, for us shiva is th adiyogi- the first yogi, and the adiguru- the first guru.

Yoga And Us

Yoga teaches us to improve the things that cannot be tolerated by the people.  When you own your breath nobody can take your peace.Yoga is like a light which once lit, will never dim. When you practice better it will bright the flame. Yoga is the art. Yoga is the practice of tolerating the import of being you. Yoga heals everything, your pain, your heart, your body, the mind. Happiness is always come back to you. First love to yourself, taking care of your body, mind, soul.

Yoga is not about the self improvement, it is about accept the things. We love yoga because it is not only a workout for our body, but it gives relief to body and which helps release a lot of stress. And prepare you for the problems of the life. Yoga is not about the shape of your body, but it shape of your life. Yoga keeps the body good and healthy. It also makes keep our mind strong and clear.

Yoga brings the best out of you. Life is beautiful when you think of beautiful things. Peace of mind is happiness, yoga give peace to mind.  If your mind convinces your body to do it, your body can do everything. Do not allow behavior of others to destroy your inner peace.  First keep peace within yourself, then you can make yourself happy. Yoga believes in transforming of the person itself, before transforming of the world. Just don’t give up trying to do what you want to do. The best and happy moment for you when you find the courage to let go the things that can’t change by you.

Never stop, keep moving forward and achieve the goal of the life. Yoga give relief and release the stress level of the person. Yoga is the goal of balance and finding peace in your own skin.

World Yoga Day

World yoga day celebrated on 21 june. Nothing that the benefits of yoga are immense on 21st june yoga day PM Narendra Modi said “I urge you all to make yoga and integral part of your life and inspires to do same.” Yoga is mental, physical and spiritual practice.At the Ancient time when people were used of yoga to transform their body and mind. Then one particular date was launching for practicing yoga all across the world and celebrating as yoga day. In other word it is also called international day of yoga.. Yoga is important for human beings to make the body fit and healthy.  

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